Monday, October 10, 2011

Top 5 Most Effective Social Media Styles For Real Estate Forums

Every professional has a style. When people start to look for an agent, broker or appraiser to hire, they often look at social media and information sites that include an active Q and A forum like Trulia or Zillow. Each potential client in cyberspace is looking for a professional that matches their style, is confident, professional and competent, but the content of their posts is not the whole story. Clients want good professionals to stand out above the rest. 
The overall professional tone can also influence whether those that read your posts pick up the phone and move from interested observer to client. Here are the top 5 styles that seem to bring professionals the most calls from qualified clients and styles that a buyer can look for to see which one suits them best.
The Professional- Offers specific advice based on experience or location with the basic understanding that each post represents a real person with a real issue. Advice is offered without strings attached.
Honest dealer- Tone is similar to the professional, but they take the extra step of offering support and advice to those who are having trouble with other RE or mortgage professionals. They are not critical of colleagues, but will offer basic guidelines about professional conduct to give the poster an idea of what should be expected.
Friendly neighbor- Has a genuine appreciation of people’s circumstances. Offers advise from personal perspective with an honest approach. No motives other than  those of an interested, impartial neighbor over the back fence.
Hotlink helper- Provides hotlinks to real information that posters can use. These posters favor government sites, good quality trade organizations, targeted mainstream media answers and links to helpful answers available in other sources. The goal is good quality information not promotion.
Funny Realist- Can be a professional or non professional or pro. Willing to admit the truth about the market or house even if it is less than favorable using humor to point out the basic issues. Approachable, honest and funny these posters provide information with an eye on facts.
Someone once said "Be yourself. No one can ever tell you you're doing it wrong," and that is especially true when it comes to live social media sites. If you are willing to share your experience and support with potential clients, they are much more likely to pick up the phone to find out everything you have to offer as a professional. Being honest, helpful and professional will help your posts appeal to clients who want an agent that stands head and shoulders above the competition.

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